Animals and plants

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    You will discover


     a wide variety of animals...

     As soon as you enter, you are welcomed by the aying of the donkeys.

     On your left, the dwaf rabbits are playing in front of their reconstitued rabbit warren. Now you have an idea of the atmosphere there.

     Walk by yourself from parc and become attracted by the charm of the animals...

    ... in a semi-natural environment.


  • The donkeys : Batistin, Canelle, Fanette, Muscade, Pinnochio, Savane, Shanna, Sophia, Paprika, Ondine and Qassia.
  • The Horses : Zamo, Easy, Eclair, Mistral and Cesar.
  • The Ponies : Sarah, Obade, Black in, Rodeo and Margot for the enjoyment of children.
  • The Goats and the sheeps.
  • Rambo the lama who doesnt' spit, and his family.
  • The blue and white  peacocks.
  • The geeses and the ducks, hens and cock.
  • The pig.




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       A walk dotted with scents and colors


   Almost 200 local species are carefully registered and labeled to guide you in discovering some flowers, some trees, some bushes ans some essences which contribute to the richness and to the charm of the mediterranean landscape and of the garrigue.

   The botanical path runs along the picturesque slopes, the old walls and the restored "restanques". It is swallowed up in the shade by the sweet smelling bushes, it goes round old stones and bunches of beauty.


   Discover and recognize...

  • capers and cysts,
  • Arbustus and fig trees,
  • Lentanas and gazanias,
  • Ficoides and euphorbia,
  • Carpobrotus (also called Lions claws or Languedoc claws) and the white and blue winter iris
  • Sinapsi alba ( also called white mustard) and diplotaxis tenuifolia ( also called perennial wallrocket)


  2015: the hedge of 12 kinds of yellow or red oleanders planted during the summer 2003 - despite the heatwave - offers us every summer a show of splendid colors.







                                                                           2015 : already 15 years!




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